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Buy First Aid Kits Online

To further support you in your safe workplace practices, we offer the convivence on online ordering of our first aid kits online.

Suitable for offices, construction sites, gyms, sporting facilities, pubs, clubs, retail stores, vehicles and even home-based businesses.

Buy First Aid Kits Online

The Modulator

4 Series Workplace Plus Kit

Currently our only first aid kit available, The Modulator covers almost every workplace, sporting or outdoor adventure injury.
The Modulator is known for its injury specific modules. Colour coded and clearly labelled, each soft-pack modules ensure fast and effective first aid offering exactly what’s required based on the injury. Now including the popular Tension Indicator Bandage!

Contents meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983

This kit has 6 injury specific modules to treat all common workplace injuries, is colour coded for fast identification and modules are secured with colour coded velcro tabs to ensure ease of removal and hassle–free servicing.

First Aid Kits Online

No more rustling through the first aid kit, guessing what type of bandage or dressing to use!

Order Your First Aid Kits Online & Save

Meet the First Aid Requirements for Your Workplace With Canaussie Safety Innovations