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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

For industries where employees are tasked with undertaking dangerous or high-risk operations, an important part of workplace health and safety is to ensure that workers can safely carry out their tasks. This means that:

a) the employee is sober, fit and able to work; and 

b) the employee has the skills and knowledge to safely perform their work and operate the necessary equipment involved

Canaussie Safety Innovations offers workplace drug and alcohol testing (AOD Testing) to ensure compliance.

Workplace drug and alcohol Testing | AOD Testing

Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing

To ensure a safe work environment for all, many organisations and businesses are required to conduct workplace drug and alcohol testing. This is particularly important in industries where high-risk work activity is taking place that requires employees to be alert and aware – such as operating dangerous machinery or piloting an aircraft.

Canaussie Safety Innovations | Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Fully Certified

As a qualified and insured drug and alcohol examiner

Random Testing

Able to conduct random drug testing programs

Workplace Callouts

For workplace incidents which require a test to be conducted

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Drug & Alcohol Management Planning

In order to meet industry-specific health and safety requirements, certain organisations (such as the Australian aviation industry) are required by law to undertake mandatory workplace drug and alcohol testing. The same regulations also require the development of a workplace drug and alcohol management plan, to help organisations to best manage and carry out this essential testing regime.

Canaussie Safety Innovations | Workplace Drug & Alcohol Management Plans

At Canaussie Safety Innovations, we are qualified and insured to carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing, as well as help your organisation to develop and put in place effective drug and alcohol management plans to manage testing.

Is Your Drug & Alcohol Management Plan Up To Standard?
We can help!

Canaussie Safety Solutions - Workplace Drug Testing

Dangerous Goods Storage, Transportation, & Handling Practices

Canaussie Safety Innovations offers a WH&S training course for dangerous goods:

Dangerous Goods Storage, Transportation & Handling Practices

in accordance with the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations

The correct handling of dangerous goods is a key aspect of workplace health and safety. It’s absolutely essential for employees and organisations at large to know and understand the storage, transportation, and handling practices required. This creates a safer workplace and helps to minimise the risk of accidents to employees, physical property, or the environment.

GHS | Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labelling of Chemicals

The GHS is an international standard developed by the United Nations to create a unified system of hazardous material classification for worldwide usage. This helps to ensure consistency between the numerous regulatory systems that exist internationally, and support the interconnected nature of global business.

Does Your Organisation Work With Dangerous Goods?
Ensure Safety Standards With The Latest WH&S Training

Transitioning to ISO 45001 Compliance by September 2021 Is Your Business Ready?

As September 2021 approaches in Australia and around the world, ISO 45001 will become a requirement for ALL businesses. With our accredited WH&S training solutions, Canaussie Safety Innovations will help you to ensure that your workplace health and safety systems are ISO 45001 compliant and ready to roll with the latest international safety standards!

Get Your Business On Track For ISO 45001 Standards By September 2021